Photo via @kasskills

Vancouver, BC - October 17th Vancouver's Rogers Arena witnessed the most heavily talked about shows of 2016. Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour was the type of show that if you weren't there, you were the minority in a city of hip-hop fans who witnessed one of music's most innovative and epic shows. Through the recaps of grainy Snapchats to the similarly framed press shots, there's not a single review that could do the Saint Pablo Tour justice. You simple just had to be there to get it.

You've heard about the floating stage. The crowd of moshing fans below. The lights. That's just scratching the service of details. Kanye needs no DJ and no opening act. Only ambient sounds filling the rooms until his divine arrival. When Pablo entered on his hovering platform as Mike Dean pressed the opening keys from the sound board to "Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1"..."If Young Metro don't trust ya, I'ma shoot ya" - the stadium erupted from floor to stands. As the lights hit the worshipping crowd below and a beam drew down spotlighting 'Ye's silhouette, Church was in service.

Jumping in with handful of bangers from TLOP - "Pt. 2", "Famous" - heading into his more memorable features from this summer, "THat Part" and "Pop Style" then "Mercy", "All Day" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" the crowd of nearly 20,000 was still in tune with every single word. It was at this point it was hard not to recognize Kanye one of few living legends of our time. His presence becomes more fierce with every album while he continues to push the boundaries of music and artist persona with every move he makes. He's not only changing the game, he's setting a way, way higher standard.

With the stage set in motion to slowly move from either side of the arena, elevating higher then lowering a little closer crowd, the vibe was moving. The lightening was second to none, effectively complimenting the set design with every motion. The elevated stage eliminated the push for fans attempting to make it to the front of stage because every area of the arena had a their moment to be that much closer to 'Ye.

The show wasn't overly flashy, no crazy pyrotechnics, special guests or any of that. But the Saint Pablo Tour was hands down one of the most powerfully moving shows of our generation...and if you were there, you were lucky to witness history. Yeezus bless us.


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