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Kassandra Pia: You’re getting ready to drop the new album, My Name is My Name – what can we expect from that?

Pusha T: My Name Is My Name – July 16. “Numbers on The Board” video just dropped. My Name is My Name is just about rap. Like, street hip-hop. It’s just what I’m about and rap in it’s purest form. I feel like it’s about picking unorthodox beats and using people in an unorthodox manner – even in my features. Like, I use Future and I got him sounding like a witch doctor verses what Future is typically doing. I got Kendrick on the album rapping in regards to – whether it’s true or not – about his drug up-bringing around his family. Like poignant, what his aunts and them were doing. His spin on I guess what he hears from me or what he would bring to my album. Ross, you know, just talking what everybody wants to hear from Pusha T and Ross. Man, I got the production of life! It’s Kanye, it’s the Neptunes, Swizz Beats, The Dream. I really sought a lot of these people out and chopped it up with them and we really did what we did. It’s really good, man. Like ,really good. There’s a lot of greats on this album.

Kassandra Pia: Life Is So Exciting Tour – any exciting cities or moments so far?

Pusha T: Every place has been pretty good. We been taking it in segments – we did the whole East coast. We were actually there right after the Boston Marathon. We sold-out two nights. It was good to be out there to see the people try to get back in the groove of things and still coming out and selling out the show. Trying to keep it as normal as possible. That was pretty cool.

Kassandra Pia: If you weren’t rapping what career would you be in?

Pusha T: Just to show you the type of person I am, back then when I was considering school and all that, there was this channel on television that would show you the jobs that were needed in the cites, the price and how long you would have to go to school for. Like X-Ray technicians and stuff like that. That’s how I would pick my career. There’s no job that’s gonna make me happy so the job I would have chose would be the one that paid the most money, required the least amount of schooling and would allow me to live whatever I thought was my comfort zone.

Kassandra Pia: If you could go back in time and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would that be?

Pusha T: Don’t expect people just to be decent, automatically. You will be let down a lot that way.

Kassandra Pia:: If you were to follow the same path as your brother and write a book, what genre of book would you write and what would you call it?

Pusha T: Man, the truth of the matter is, I never would write a book and when my brother wrote his book I really looked at it like, this is something I would never do. You know I could never do this and you’re just stuntin’ on me again as my older brother. He literally handed me his book in a manilla envelope, hand written.

Kassandra Pia: Were you the first to read it?

Pusha T: Yeah, I was. But that’s just something I couldn’t do. My patience wouldn’t allow for that.

Kassandra Pia: If you had $5 to your name, what would you use that $5 for?

Pusha T: My last $5…I think I’ma just give my last $5 to a bum because if I only got $5, that’s just a level of living that I can’t. I mean, I might as well go ahead and cancel Christmas!

Kassandra Pia: You’re known for wearing some pretty high-end designers and you also have you hands in the industry with your more street brand Play Cloths – How would you describe your personal style?

Pusha T: People talk about me and fashion and I think they see me with G.O.O.D Music and Kanye…but what people don’t understand is they will see me designer clothes and I’ll just throw it on my floor later. A lot of the guys now can tell you who created the line for Givenchy and they really into it like that. That’s not where it is for me. For me it’s from a real urban, Slick Rick used to wear Gucci and put his gun in his Louis Vuitton hip-pouch. It’s a different thing. It’s not about all the fashion weeks for me. For everyone else it is but I’m not gonna act like I’m like into it to that extreme. They actually do their history, I just like to buy it and be like “Ah! I Got it”.

Kassandra Pia: Talk about your brand, Play Cloths.

Pusha T: We created Play Cloths five years ago and we still at it. It’s going strong, I think this has been of of our best seasons. People are going crazy over it. But I never wanted it to be a rapper brand. I get more satisfaction out of it that it’s not associated to me and music. I just like that people like it. That’s my real, real baby. It’s what I care about. People see me in a lot of other clothes and high-end stuff but that’s just a part of me that’s like, the competitive spirit of a young, black male coming up wanting to have the freshest, flyest, most expensive “I got this, you don’t got this” type thing.

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